Creating new administrator accounts is a great way to empower your organization, and naturally spread your workload. This can be done in two major steps. First you will create an account for them in, and from there, creating the administrator account in Contact Center portal.

There can only be one superadmin in

First, you will log into and navigate to User Management.

On this page, click on Create New User in the top-righthand corner to enter the new administrator's credentials. This level of administration is specific to, so you may want to set this permission to User.

Once this account is created, the credentials you provide will be used to create the Contact Center administrator login.

Now, you will need to manage the permissions to which your new administrator will have access.

Here, you can assign the administrator to a user group that has already been configured, and also deactivate their account if it is no longer in use.

Once this account is configured in the way you like, the administrator can then change their password by clicking on Forgot Password? in the administrator login portal. They will be sent an email at the address specified by their account with a Password Reset link.

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