It's easy to send out your first SMS with Ytel. You simply need:

  • A Ytel account with API
  • A phone number purchased from our API Portal
  • Your AccountSID
  • Your AuthToken

Write these down - you will need these for the next steps!

Once you have all four written down, confirm you are logged into your Ytel account at

  1. Click on "API Docs." Under "Developers", select "Libraries".
  2. Select "Send a SMS".
  3. Click "Try it". When it prompts you for the user name and password, enter your AccountSID and AuthToken.
  4. Enter in the “From” number. This is the number you purchased in the Ytel API portal. It should be entered in the E.164 format e.g. +14445556666.
  5. Enter in the “To” number. This is the mobile number where you will receive the SMS. It should be entered in the E.164 format e.g. +14445556666.
  6. Type in the message to send to yourself. (One message is 160 characters in length.)

You can complete API calls directly in the interface and receive a true API response and a sample cURL example to convert into an API request in your chosen coding language. 

Once all that's done, click 'Make Request'. 

The API response for your request is in 'response details'. Below will be your sample cURL based on the variables you entered. 

Bonus! If you are using a Mac (or PC with cURL installed) you can paste the cURL example directly into your terminal or command prompt to execute the API request.

If you need any assistance, you can A) submit a ticket to - include your AccountSID.  B) live chat with us through the icon in the lower right corner, or  C) Contact us at 800.382.4913!  

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