Ringless voicemail is a great way to contact your customers without them having to pick up the phone. 

In this tutorial we will be going over how to set up your system to send out ringless voicemails once certain criteria is hit on your system. If follow up engine is not set up on your account make sure you sign up for an account at app.ytel.com and then let us know on live chat or support@ytel.com. We will make sure that the application is set up on your account. 

Follow-up Engine is installed for active Contact Center customers and available for set up through the Admin portal.

To access your admin login go to: https://x5adminw.ytel.com/

Using your admin credentials log into your account and navigate to the campaigns section. Click into Ytel Follow Up Engine.

The first thing you will need to do is make sure you have funds in the account and a number.

Click below if you need help adding funds to the account.

Click below if you need help buying a number.

Now that we have a number and there are fund in the account lets go ahead and make sure we are in the Contact Center admin side and click Add Rules.

From here you need to set up your rule description, call count number, the included campaigns, lists and statuses. Make sure to leave your rule inactive while you set up so you can make sure before it fires off you have all the right settings. Below is the description of each section and how they work. 

Call Count- This looks at the amount of times the lead has been called and will fire off on the desired call count. You must enter a call count as this is how FUE will trigger the ringless voicemail.
Included Campaigns- You can limit what campaigns you want to send out ringless voicemail. Keep in mind if you want to include all campaigns you can leave this section blank. 

Included list- If you only want to include certain lists you can use the drop down to select what lists you want to send out from. Keep in mind if you want to include all list you can leave this section blank.

Included Statuses- In this section you can limit the lead status you send out on. Keep in mind if you want to include all statuses you can leave this section blank.

Now we will work on the ringless voicemail options. In the rule type drop down select 


Now, let's leave this page and head over to the app.ytel.com page so we can set up the number. Once logged into app.ytel, you will want to navigate to the API section of the portal and then click "Settings", "Assets" and then "Audio".

From here, you can upload your audio that you will want to send out on your RVM. Make sure your recording is between 31-60 seconds and then click upload. If you need to record audio you can use record.ytel.com or any tool that records audio. Once you upload your audio file it will give you a link. It will look like the link below and you will need to copy this link and head back over to the Contact Center FUE options.

Now that we have our link, you will want to place that in the Recording URL section. You will also want to set the From Number to one of your numbers in the drop down. From here you will use the drop down to select a from number as well as the Alternate number (keep in mind this can be the same number and is used for redundancy). 

As you can see in the example we set up the RVM to hit once the call count reached 20 in campaign 9000 and only to send out on list 1000.

After you set all the options and rules your RVM is ready. However if you need to make changes you can navigate back to FUE and navigate to the overview. From here you can navigate to the modify icon and click on that.

Important things to keep in mind while using FUE: 

  • Make sure to fund the account prior to running your rules. 

  • Check your lists and campaigns to make sure they match the rules set. 

  • Make a test call using our docs.ytel.com page. 

For customer support, email us at support@ytel.com or start a live chat by clicking the icon at the lower right of your screen, we are available M-F 6am-6pm PST

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