Having a card on file could save you time and money. If you run out of funds, the Follow Up Engine (FUE) will not trigger and the communication you wanted to send  will not be transmitted. The solution: keep a card on file and use the auto-fill to your advantage! 

Access your account through one of two ways: A) login to https://app.ytel.com or B) click on the + button on your FUE dashboard

Next, click on Billing > Add Funds

From here you will click on the make payment. 

If you have a card stored on file, the system will display that information - follow the prompts.

If you do not have a card-on-file, the system will prompt you to input the necessary information. Please note, we do utilize a strict AVS filter. Please ensure you are entering your Billing Information exactly as it appears on file with your financial institution.  

Next, the system will verify the card and take you to the below screen. Here you will be able to select your the card to use and specify an amount to fund. 

Satisfy all prompts and then click "I agree" and the transaction will process.

CONGRATULATIONS!  You have successfully funded your account!

Avoid any "Out of Funds" errors (and a disruption of services) by setting up an Auto-Refill / Auto Recharge.
Click on Billing > Add Funds and then click on Auto Recharge. Calculate your average daily spend and specify an amount to recharge with.  

Pro Tip: You may want to alert your bank and grant permission for Ytel to charge your card periodically.

Important things to keep in mind while adding funds: 

  • Keep a card on file to quickly add funds when you are out.
  • Set up an auto threshold to make sure you never run out of funds. 
  • Check your billing information if you are getting an address mismatch. 

If you are still having trouble, reach out to the Ytel support team at 800-382-4913 option 1 , email support at support@ytel.com or you can click the live chat button at the bottom right of your screen

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