You've asked and we've listened! We're pleased to announce, effective June 2020, Ytel's preferred method for funding your account will be through Wire Transfer or ACH deposit, commonly referred to as "Cash Deposits". Credit cards will still be accepted.

What You Need to Know

  • Plan ahead - Wire transfer or ACH payments can take 24-72 hours to be sent by your financial institution and be received by Ytel.
  • Plan ahead - Calculate your anticipated monthly spend, and then add 10-20% as a safety net to avoiding any service interruptions due to unavailable funds. Growth is good!
  • Setup auto-recharge with your credit card as an additional safety net. Learn more with this article.

Step-by-Step Instructions

To fund via Wire Transfer or ACH Deposits please follow these simple 5 steps:

1) Contact Ytel Customer Service and request Wire Transfer / ACH Payment assistance. We will create a trackable service case and send to you via email. You will respond in Step 3. You can contact us by calling 800-382-4913 or through Live Chat.

2) Work with your financial institution to complete the Wire Transfer / ACH Payment and send the funds to Ytel. The necessary information was provided to you in the service case or can be found below.

3) Reply to the service case you received in Step 1 and provide Ytel with the required information - a copy of the receipt and your AccountSID. Your AccountSID can be found on the Dashboard. You must include a copy of the receipt and your AccountSID or the funding of your account may be delayed.

4) Ytel will receive the response and will apply the funds, once the transfer and deposit of funds has been confirmed by our financial institution.

5) Ytel will respond to the service case with confirmation of applied funds and will close the case. No further response or action from you is required.

Information Your Financial Institution Will Require:

Account Name:

Ytel, Inc

94 Icon

Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

(800) 382-4913

Account Number:


Wire Transfer / ACH Routing Transit Number (RTN/ABA):


International SWIFT Code:


Bank Name:

Comerica Bank

333 W. Santa Clara St.

San Jose, CA 95113

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