June has been a busy month for Ytel. Our team has been working hard on improving our products and we could use your help! Looking to see a new feature added or improvements you would like to see? Let our Team know!

YCC (Contact Center)

New Features

  • Agents now have the ability to search for leads while they are making a manual dial (if enabled by the Admin).
  • Provide the ability to delete single leads from your system. Search for the lead information within Data Search, scroll down to the bottom of the page and press "Delete Lead"

  • Added a new function to our contact center API's called "add_fpg_phone". This provides you with the ability to add specific phone numbers to your blocklist or filter phone group using an API. See our API documentation for more details,


  • Improved the Lead Search UI on the agent screen to make it easier to use.
  • Added a new flag to our add_lead and update_lead API that allows you to "trim" the incoming phone number. This helps ensure the phone numbers that are being posted into the system are following Ytel's required format. Add "&phone_trim=Y" to your current API posting string to utilize this feature.
  • Added the ability to block "anonymous" and "blocked" caller ID's into the filter phone group. Simply add the words within the filter phone group you are currently using to block inbound calls with these caller ids.
  • You can now "cancel" a list that is currently being uploaded to the system and has not yet been fully completed.
  • Provided the ability to "Mass Update" some additional fields for contact center numbers. You can now modify the "Filter Action" and the "InGroup Call Handling Method" on multiple numbers at the same time.
  • Follow up Engine now only shows SMS enabled numbers as selectable for the "From" number when creating a new SMS rule.
  • Updated the wording within the call log of specific leads in order to better distinguish between inbound calls and outbound calls made to/from this particular customer.
  • Changing the Caller ID used when an agent makes an outbound call now provides a drop-down menu of all available numbers within your contact center system.


  • Provided the ability to turn on/off Voicemail detection within the campaign settings of the new UI.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Agent Performance Detail report to sometimes become unavailable.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the transfer presets phone number not be hidden on the agent interface even though the setting was set to "hide".
  • Fixed a bug with the update_lead endpoint that would cause custom fields to be overridden with blank data even though none of the custom fields data was being passed in the URL.
  • Fixed a bug where the "log out" button was not showing when you clicked on a specific agent from the Dashboard.
  • The "Reset" list notification was incorrectly titled. It now correctly says "Reset List".
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Call Log Phone" to not properly show up the search results.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting the "all" feature within the Ytel Permissions section was not correctly selecting "all".


New Features

  • WebRTC for Contacts (BETA) is now Enabled! This means you can now call your customers directly from the "Contacts" section. Simply select a number to call from your contacts list.


* Putting calls on Hold

* Muting customers

* More to come!!

  • Inserting Variables into your Workflow templates is now easier than ever! When you create/edit a workflow or template there is now an option at the bottom for "Insert Variable". You can pick from standard and custom attributes on the contact or variables passed in on the campaign. You can add default text to the variable. For example "Hi [FIRST_NAME | there]" would use the contacts first name if present and "there" if not. Once inserted, variables and defaults can be edited by clicking on them.


  • Contact Search results increased to 10,000
  • DNC message in API can now be pushed to YCC (contact center). This is useful for customers who are utilizing both Workflow and YCC.


  • Contacts will now show up immediately after creating them without having to refresh your web browser.
  • Fixed a bug where there was an issue with creating multiple workflows after another or cloning advanced workflows.
  • Fixed the ability to create a new template from the basic workflow page.
  • Fixed a problem where large advanced workflows weren't consistently rendering.
  • Fixed a problem where saving advanced workflows was creating duplicates

App.ytel.com / API

New Feature

  • Added new payment options within the Billing section. Customers now have the ability to send money via Wire or ACH(with some restrictions). Ytel does not charge any fees for these methods of payments.


  • v4 MMS API no longer requires the "text" attribute.


  • Fixed a bug with the usage report were you would sometimes see "unknown" as the product code.
  • Fixed a bug were wire transfers were showing up as "auto-recharge" payments within the payment history page.

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