To maintain carrier compliance and make SMS recipients happier, Ytel has expanded our opt-out service to include local and toll-free numbers to an outbound opt-out auto-messaging service.

When an SMS recipient response back with the single opt-out word, STOP, END, QUIT, CANCEL or UNSUBSCRIBE to the shortcode, local number or toll-free number that originated the message, the recipient's number will be sent an opt-out message and added to the DNC list. Future contact with that number will be blocked. (The opt-out word must be the only word in the message. They are not case sensitive). Ytel does provide the ability to create your own customer opt-out keywords. More information on how to set up a custom opt-out keyword by viewing the Compliance documentation.

These keyword opt-out messages cannot be changed or removed and the opt-out message the end-user receives cannot be changed. However, if you are using our Campaign API to send out your SMS, you have the ability to add additional opt-out keywords within your portal. Please see the Campaigns guide for more information.

You will be charged for the initial opt-out message at your current outbound rate. If you continue to send messages to numbers on your DNC list, Ytel will block those messages and you will not be charged for the outbound message. You will receive an error code along with an error message stating the contact has unsubscribed.

We highly recommend that you maintain your own DNC list to reduce unnecessary error messages. For compliance place the phrase "Reply STOP to Cancel" at the end of your SMS messaging.

Opt-Out words will place customers phone numbers on the DNC and can follow two logic paths. The first is an exact match. This is where you are looking for a single match word like "firetrucks". If an inbound message comes in with the word of firetrucks the customers phone number will be placed on the DNC and stop further outbound communications.

The second method is to use a begins with logic. In this case a customer could reply "firetrucks are red" and because "firetruck" is set wit the begins with logic the customers number will be placed on the DNC.

These two methods opt the contact out of receiving any more messages from your account.

Please note: As part of the short code set-up process, a standard Ytel opt-out and help message has been created and activated.

In addition to compliance words we can help you receive data when a customer opts out of receiving messaging. You can use the Opt-out webhook URL to receive an update when a DNC request is made to your CRM system, database or additional documentation location.

On this same topic customers often ask if there is a way to se a list of their DNC list. At this time the only way to receive information about customers who DNC is through the above webhook.

If you have not been tracking your DNC or had an error with your DNC system there is additional reporting options that can help gather some of your data.

If you are using Ytels workflow system to send out messages you can view the report called workflow failures. On this report we list out contacts that were added into a workflow that were not sent to because they are listed on the DNC. This will give you the contact ID of the contact.

Adding a customer to the DNC

We're here to help - if you need assistance, please contact the Ytel support team via email at or you can click the live chat button at the bottom right of your screen.

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