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T-Mobile's enforcement of 10DLC policies means rate changes for unregistered traffic and the implementation of program and non-compliance fees.

Rate and Fee summary - TBD

Rates for unregistered message traffic will increase from $0.003 for SMS and $0.01 for MMS messaging, to $0.004 and $0.013.

10DLC program fees: - effective 10/01/2021

  • Campaign Service Activation - $50 per campaign

  • Campaign Service Migration - $50 per campaign

  • NNID Registration - $2,000 per NNID

Non-compliance fees for violation of T–Mobile's code of conduct: - Effective 10/01/2021

  • Text Enablement - if Company or a Message Sender text-enables a 10-digit NANP telephone number and sends Messages prior to verification of Message Sender ownership. ($10,000)

  • 10DLC Messaging Program Evasion - for each unique instance of a violation: Snowshoe sending, dynamic routing, spam filter evasion, unapproved campaign service ($1,000)

  • Content Violation - for each of the third and any subsequent notification of a Content Violation involving the same Content Provider. ($10,000)

T-Mobile's New Non-Compliance Fees for Code of Conduct Violations Effective January 1, 2022

Violation Type

Non-Compliance Fee

Violation Description

Grey Route

$10/ 10DLC messge sent via grey route

Pass-through fee applies if you attempt to route A2P messages as P2P messages. Failure to migrate any A2P 10 DLC traffic from the legacy P2P connection constitutes "grey-route" non-compliance

T-Mobile (including Sprint) have announced the following A2P 10DLC Fee, which will be effective TBD by T-Mobile:

Special Request



Special Business Review Request

$5,000 NRC per request

Applies to 10DLC edge cases outside of the regular 10DLC provisioning process which require special approval and configuration on the T-Mobile network. For instance, use of proxy numbers (rideshare example), approval for sharing a 10DLC number, or very high capacity required by a brand more than what is normally required .

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