Campaign Statuses, also known as Dispositions, are selected at the end of every call. Examples of these are: sale, test call, hang-up, existing customer, DNC. These provide a quick way to tag the lead for when you want to.

To add or change a campaign’s selectable statuses, Click on campaign, then
click either the Add new campaign status button (top arrow), or the Modify button to edit an existing campaign status.  

Below is the Add new campaign status

Each status has a number of options of how the call will be designated when that disposition (status) is selected.

Agent Selectable: Enables whether the agent is permitted to select that disposition.
Human Answer: Setting to Y will use this status when counting the human-answered calls.
Status: Abbreviation for your Disposition that will appear on reports.
Description: Full Description of your Status that your Agent will see upon entering the Disposition Screen.
Selectable: This is what Determines whether or not your Agent can select/See the status upon entering the Disposition Screen.
Human Answer: Setting to Y will use this status when counting the human-answered calls.
Sale: Setting to Y will include this status when calculating total sales.
DNC: Indicates that this Status should not be called again/Status will be included in the calculations of the DNC totals.
Customer Contact: Indicates that the call was answered by a person, and will be included when calculating total human answered calls.
Not Interested: Indicates that the status should not be called again, but is not included on any DNC lists.
Unworkable: Indicates that the lead is not viable, regardless of whether the customer was interested or not.
Callback: Setting to Y will pop up a Calendar for your Agent to set a Callback.
Completed: Indicates that the Lead is done but does not fall under DNC, Not Interested or Unworkable

Have a lot of campaigns? Here's a time saving tip...
If you want to copy the campaign status from one campaign to another:

Step 1: Click the Copy Icon in the top right corner 

This menu will appear, Select the campaign you wish to copy from, and then select which campaign(s) you would like to copy to.

We're here to help - if you need assistance, please contact the Ytel support team via email at or you can click the live chat button at the bottom right of your screen.

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