ACCID allows you dynamically change the caller ID to match the location of the contact you are calling. This means that when you call a 949 area code, and you have a 949 DID available on your account, the end-user will see your 949 number on their phone's caller ID display.  

You have choices for your numbers: 

  1. You can purchase just one single number - that number will be broadcast no matter where you are calling.  For example, if you purchase a number in the 949 area code, and then you dial someone in the 408 area code, you will broadcast your 949 number.

  2. Our most popular package!   You can purchase numbers for a 1-to-1 area code match. This ensures that the number you display to the end user handset will match their area code. As an example,  714, 949, 562, 310 or 909 are just a few options for Southern California. With this option, when you call a 949 area code, you will broadcast a 949 number.

  3. You can purchase one number per state. For example, if you call a California telephone, you will broadcast the area code of the number you chose for California. You may not broadcast the same area code you are calling however.

As a best practice, Ytel recommends you select a package that gives you a 1-to-1 match on the area codes you plan to dial.

I've purchased numbers - what are my next steps?

Once the numbers have been purchased and added to your system, they will contain a description. You will receive a summary of this description within the service ticket order.

Click Inbound > Numbers

Use this description to find new set of numbers.

To select all the numbers you want to update, click this checkbox, and then Mass Update

Now you need to route the numbers somewhere. 

To Extension:
If you would want to route by extension select Exten, and then enter the extension you would like to route to

To Voicemail

If you would like the numbers to route to a voicemail, click on voicemail, then, enter the voicemail you are going to route it to (make sure the voicemail is set up before hand).

To Phone 

Select Phone, and enter the phone extension. 

To Ingroup

Select the Ingroup ID and the Call Handle, method, campaign id, and a filter (if applicable)

To Call Menu

Select the Call Menu ID

Last Step:

Now that the numbers are set up and routed correctly, you need to enable this set of numbers in your campaign

Click on Campaign and then AC-CID

Once you are in this menu, click on modify for the campaign you wish to enable

Search the “description” of the numbers you are going to enable for AC-CID, Then select the numbers you would like to enable for ACCID. If you are going to enable the whole set (of the numbers that came up after entering the description), check this checkbox. Otherwise you can manually check every number you want to enable. 

Once completed it is recommended to make a test call to make sure calls are routed correctly and the correct Caller ID is being broadcasted. 

Remember: You need to enable these numbers for ACCID in each campaign that you want, it does not auto-apply ACCID to all of your campaigns.

We're here to help - if you need assistance, please contact the Ytel support team via email at or you can click the live chat button at the bottom right of your screen.

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