Scripts help your agents stay on message during their interactions with your customers.

To add a script to your system, click Admin Utilities > Scripts

Then click on "Add New Script" in the upper right corner. This will take you to the Script creation page.

Script Text - This is where you place the content of an agent screen Script. Within the script, you can have Contact Center automatically insert variable data from the lead into the script using "--A--field--B--", where field is one of the following fieldnames:

"vendor_lead_code, source_id, list_id, phone_code, phone_number, title, first_name, middle_initial, last_name, address1, address2, address3, city, state, province, postal_code, country_code, gender, date_of_birth, alt_phone, email, security_phrase, comments, lead_id, campaign, etc."

For example, this sentence would print the persons name in it----

Hello, can I speak with --A--first_name--B-- --A--last_name--B-- please? Well hello --A--title--B-- --A--last_name--B-- how are you today?

This would read----

Hello, can I speak with John Doe please? Well hello Mr. Doe how are you today? 

You can insert these fields by selecting them under "Active" and then selecting the item you would like to auto-populate.

Complete all the fields. Remember to choose "Active" if you want this script to be live and available for use.

Once your script is complete, you will need to select it for the campaign and/or inbound queue you want to use it for.

Adding a Script a Campaign

To add the script to a campaign, go to Campaign > Campaign, and click the Modify button for the campaign in question. Scroll down to "Script" and select the script.

Adding a script to an Inbound Queue

To add the script to an inbound queue, go to Inbound > Inbound Queues, and click the Modify button for the inbound queue in question. Scroll down to "Script" and select the script.

Click here to Create Script Button for Transfer Presets

We're here to help - if you need assistance, please contact the Ytel support team via email at or you can click the live chat button at the bottom right of your screen.

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