Contact Center provides you with the ability to coach your agents in real-time by taking advantage of the Barge and Listen features.

Listen (monitor) allows you to connect to the call in such a way that neither the agent nor the caller know you are on the line.

Barge allows you to insert yourself into the conversation - in essence, creating a 3-way call with you, your agent and your customer.

From your Dashboard, select which Campaign you want to choose agents from. In the Monitor box, select "Monitor or Barge". In the Phone box, select one of the available phone extensions. The page will refresh after each adjustment.

Once you have made the necessary choices, you will then be able to click on the "Listen" link (if monitoring) or "Barge" link (if barging) next to the agent's name.

You will see this screen display:

To disconnect from that agent, click on the "Disconnect" option. 

If there is a need for you to speak with the caller, make sure you have chosen "Barge" and you will notice a different screen displays:

Once opened, you can insert yourself into the existing call.

Click on " SWITCH TO MONITOR" to return to just monitoring the call

We're here to help - if you need assistance, please contact the Ytel support team via email at or you can click the live chat button at the bottom right of your screen.

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