This guide will serve as a How to: Use inboundXML to forward phone calls.

Also refer here for our Voice InboundXML documentation.

   1. An API Account
   2. an API Phone Number

Step 1: Login to your API Dashboard
Step 2: Navigate to Asset Management > InboundXML Editor

Step 3. Click "Create Document"
Step 4. Name your Document and add a description
Step 5. Write out your inboundXML
     in this example it will look something like this with the number you wish to have the call forwarded to within the <dial> tags


Step 6. Click "Create Document"
Step 7. Locate The new XML File and copy the URL by clicking on "Copy Path" button on this screen ( this will be the XML files hosted location)

Step 8. Now that you have your InboundXML URL. Navigate to Numbers>Manage Numbers

Step 9. Find your API number which will have the calls forwarded from and click "Edit"
Step 10. Paste your InboundXML URL as the "Voice Request URL"

Step 11. Change the POST Method to a GET.
     (When using the Ytel API InboundXML hosting solution, the POST method MUST be a GET. Using your own hosting solution will change this necessity)
Step 12. Click "Update"
Step 13. Test it out and give yourself a pat on the back! You have successfully created a Call Forwarding Plugin you can apply to any of your API numbers. 

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