Ytel Contact Center provides three ways to locate call recordings. 

The first and most effective way:

To look up the most recent calls and recordings for multiple agents, use the Export Calls Report with the Recordings field set to "Location".   Below are the steps to access this report. 

  1. Click Reports 

  2. Click Calls 

  3. Click Export Calls Report


  1. Select the date range you are trying to pull

  2. Set the recordings field to "Location" 

  3. Determine the criteria that best suits your needs.
    Choose the campaign(s), Inbound Group(s), List(s), Statuses and User Groups and then click Submit 

You will then be given a report to download and sort though with a .CSV based tool (such as Excel or Google Sheets). 

*Note: Depending on the parameters you have chosen, the report may take several minutes to process. Please be patient and allow the system to finish - please do not click 'Submit' multiple times.

The second way to locate recordings is by the agent who handled the call.

For this you be navigating to the Agents tab.

  1. Select Agents 

  2. Locate the agent and then click the Stats button. 

The recordings will be located near the bottom of the page under recordings for this time period (available to download in .mp3 format).

The third method is to look up a recording by the phone number. To do this navigate to the Data Management tab.

  1. Go to Data Management 

  2. Click Data Search 

  3. Enter the phone number you are looking for recordings on 

  4. Click search

Click on the lead ID you are looking for the recording for. (Please note, if the lead has been placed in the system multiple times you will have several lead ID numbers.)

Select the one you are looking to open.

You will have two places to locate recordings on this page. 

One is under 'Outbound Calls to this Lead'.

The next one is under the 'Recordings for this lead' area. 

Please note that recordings are only available for a year unless you purchase the extended storage plan. Another thing to note if you delete a list it will delete the recording as it deletes the lead id.

We're here to help - if you need assistance, please contact the Ytel support team via email at or you can click the live chat button at the bottom right of your screen.

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