Below are steps for troubleshooting your inbound queue:

First, be sure your inbound queues are active. To confirm, go to inbound then select an inbound queues. Make sure the queue is set to active.

If your agents still are not receiving calls, check to make sure the appropriate agents are selected for the inbound queues. To check, go to inbound then select Inbound Queues and click on the Agent button.

Make sure the agents in this queue are enabled and select save.

(Once system updates are made, you must have the agents log out of the system and then back in for changes to take effect)

If you are wanting to select the Rank or Grade option for your agents, this can also be completed in this section.

Inbound agent Rank is number based and determines which agents will be selected first based on their rank number. The number scale goes from 9 to -9; the higher rank numbers are granted priority for inbound calls. You may select multiple agents with the same rank, it will select whoever first based on availability.

Inbound agent Grade is percentage based and determines which agents will be selected first based on grade number average. If more agents are selected with similar and higher numbers, there will be a higher probability of them being selected. Grade rank is somewhat random in a sense, so we would recommend using Rank.

If you decide to use Rank or Grade, you must ensure that the appropriate agent call setting is selected (or else your agents will not receive calls).

Go to Inbound>Inbound queues and select modify for the inbound queue in question.

Next, scroll down to Next Agent Call and select how you would like to determine which agent receives the next call.

For Rank, select "inbound_group_rank".

For Grade, select "inbound_grade_random".

(if not using Rank or Grade, we recommend selecting longest_wait_time)

If agents still aren't getting calls, make sure the campaign is selected to allow the inbound queue calls to come into the campaign. To do this, go to the Campaigns tab then select Campaigns and click the Inbound button on the campaign.

Be sure the inbound queue is selected. If you want to be able to transfer to this queue, make sure that is selected as well.  

Finally, check your settings on the inbound group and be sure they are set correctly. Make sure your queue priority moves calls over other calls and make sure the drop seconds are set correctly.

If agents are still not connecting, remember a few things:

  • Make sure the agents have logged out then back in after you make any inbound queue changes. 

We're here to help - if you need assistance, please contact the Ytel support team via email at or you can click the live chat button at the bottom right of your screen.

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