In this article, we will be going over the issue of leads not moving into the hopper to be dialed out. The hopper is the place holder (queue) for the dialable leads before they move forward. Think of the hopper as an on-deck batter in baseball about to step up to the plate. 

First, you will want to check your campaign statuses to see if leads are not loading into the hopper. If you do not have the correct statuses of the leads, they will not load into the hopper. To check your statuses go to Campaigns>Campaigns>Dial Status button.

From here, check and make sure that you have the correct statuses marked for the leads you want to load. The most common statuses are:

A,AA, AB, AFTHRS, B, Drop, N, NA, NEW and Xdrop.

(Please keep in mind if you are using any options with 2,3,4NEW you will need to take out new as a dialable status because the system will out insert NEW leads in there for you.) 

Next you will want to check your call times on your campaign and see what they are set too. You can check this in the campaigns settings tab under dialing rules.

This setting limits the time frame that a lead can be called due to timezone protections. While you are here you will want to make sure you are also on RATIO for the Dial Method and check and make sure that you have a Dial Level and you have a Hopper Minimum. All of these settings will effect whether you can load leads into the hopper.

After this, you will want to check your Caller ID and make sure it is a valid, working phone number still in your system. If the number is not valid, the calls will not go out. This setting will be in the modify campaigns mentioned above.

Next you will want to check your hopper to make sure the leads that are in the hopper have the correct amount of digits. To check the hopper you will want to go to the campaigns tab Campaigns>Campaign>Hopper List.

Once you click on hopper list it will look like below. The things you want to look for are extra numbers in the phone number column. Next, check the state and make sure it is within the call time setting.

If there are extra numbers in the hopper you will need to remove the list with those leads and then click the reset hopper button. This will remove all leads from the hopper

If you follow the steps above you should be good to go. Please keep in mind the following:

  • Make sure that the leads are within the time frame to dial out. 

  • Check your lists and makes sure there are dialable leads in the list

  • Check your campaign statuses for the correct set up.

  • If you have loaded any leads or have leads posted via API, make sure they do not have extra numbers in the phone number column. 

We're here to help - if you need assistance, please contact the Ytel support team via email at or you can click the live chat button at the bottom right of your screen.

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