Ytel's List Conversion Report allows you to see how your lists are converting for inbound and outbound for a single day based on lead's sub-statuses. 

We report entered leads into an associated list as well as the amount of calls made on those lists.

The report uses sub-statuses chosen via the Campaign Statuses and live in conjunction with the Systemwide Statuses and Custom Statuses. Users can choose to apply these sub-statuses to your statuses for additional reporting and lead management.


  • Human Answered
  • Sale
  • DNC
  • Not Interested
  • Unworkable
  • Callback
  • Completed

Conversion is a percentage of sold sub-status vs. total calls.
Net Conversion is a percentage of sold sub-status vs human sub-status.

We're happy to help you set up your sub-statuses so you can begin tracking the conversion of your leads in the admin interface.  Feel free to reach out to support at or call (800) 382-4913 ext. 1 for a live rep.  

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