Using Following Up Engine is a great way to to add customer service surveys as a follow-up to your calls. See how your agents are doing and monitor the over all feel and view of your services and product.

Follow-up Engine is installed for active Contact Center customers and available for set up through the Admin portal.

To access your admin login go to:

Using your admin credentials log into your account and navigate to the Campaigns section. Click into Follow Up Engine.

Now lets move on and click the Add Rules button.

Now lets set some options. For the time make sure that the active button is off. Then give the rule a description and set a call count target, keep in mind that the rule description and call count are mandatory.  

From here we will set the included campaigns, lists, and statuses. If you leave these blank it will default to the call count and any lead that hits that call count will send based on the count. Keep in mind that you can select multiple lists, statuses and campaigns if you want to limit those.  

Last we need to select the Rule Type, you can select email, sms, email and api. For this tutorial we are going to be looking at sms. Select sms and we will begin filling out the fields. From here you will use the drop down and select a from number which when the customers gets the sms it will show this number. You can then set a call back url if you have a database set up to house the data( this step is not mandatory). Next you can use the add field to auto map name, address, and custom fields. Last you will need to set an sms template. After you finish the template hit the add in the upper right and your rule is created. 

You can activate the rule if you would like or leave it off until you are ready to activate. Below is a sample rule set we set up to send an sms once the call count is 1 on campaign 555555-555555 but only send out when the lead is marked as a Sale.

We're here to help - if you need assistance, please contact the Ytel support team via email at or you can click the live chat button at the bottom right of your screen.

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