List mixes are a great way to run multiple lists on one campaign, allowing you to manage the number of leads each list adds to the hopper.  

*Note: this is an advanced feature

The first step is to review your Dialable Statuses. Using the dashboard menu, navigate to Campaign > Campaign and then click the "Dial Status" bell icon. Select the statuses you wish to dial. This will save you some time later. 

The next step is to create your list mix.
Using the dashboard menu, navigate to Campaign > Campaign list mix. You will see your campaigns listed here. Click the "+" icon next to the campaign where you want to setup the list mix.  

Next, give the mix a List mix ID, List mix name, and List mix method. Select at least one dialable status and the first list you want added to the mix. You will add other lists in the coming steps.

The mix method options include:
Even Mix- this will mix the list in order that you set
Random- will mix these in a random order
In Order- this will mix them in the order set by rank
(We recommend the use of "Even Mix")

After you create the mix you will then need to click on the mix to configure the lists and rules. 

In order for this to work correctly you will need 2 or more lists added to the mix. Click the drop down on the list and select the list you want to add to the mix and click add.

The next step is to set the percentages. The total must equal 100%. You should always be aware of the percentage you assign in relation to the number of leads on the list. You do not want a list with a minimal amount of leads to be set at a higher percentage. 

Next, choose the dialable statuses you wish to be dialed when the list is reset. If you recall from our first step, we already selected the dialable statuses for the campaign. These are shown in the "ALL" category.

*Pro tip: Click the "ALL" button and it will add all campaign statuses to each lists versus entering them one by one. If you want a list to only dial certain statuses you can add or remove those on the right hand side under STATUSES LIST.

We are almost set! 

The second to last step is to activate the list mix. You will need to ensure the lists in the list mix are active under STATUS. Once complete, click the Save button at the top right.

The last step is to set the list mix to active in the Campaign. Use the dashboard menu to navigate to Campaign > Campaign > and then click the modify button for the campaign.

Scroll down to the list options and then use the List mix drop down to select the list mix. Click the save button at the top right when complete.

Important things to know about List Mix: 

  • Make sure lists set to a high percentage contain a large amount of dialable leads. 

  • Set the correct statuses to dial out. 

  • Reset the hopper once you install the new list mix to flush out old leads not in the mix. 

We're here to help - if you need assistance, please contact the Ytel support team via email at or you can click the live chat button at the bottom right of your screen.

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