Configuring auto-recharge is the best way to prevent your account balance from receiving a disruption of service, due to funds being unavailable. Please follow the guide below to properly configure your auto recharge, taking into account your usage/consumption of services, recurring monthly charges (Ie. seat licenses and/or numbers), and banking best practices.

Set-up auto-recharge and allow funds to be automatically added whenever your balance gets low. This is by far the safest approach, and following the steps below will help you achieve your best results.   

  • Step #1 - Estimate your total monthly charge. We recommend you review your historical usage and recurring charges to calculate your estimated total monthly spend for the month, and set this amount as your auto-recharge value. This is important because credit card companies tend to expect a vendor to only charge a card once a month. Charging the same credit card multiple times a day or week, can lead to a card being declined and a disruption of your Ytel services.

    Remember, there are different types of charges, depending on the feature being used. These different charge types are as follows:

    Contact Center Seat Fees - will be applied at the first of the month.  New seats will be prorated to cover the remaining days of the month and then the full amount will be charged on the 1st of the month after that.

    Phone Numbers
    - will renew monthly based on the original purchase date.

    Usage (minutes, messages, etc) - will be charged in real-time.

Please contact Customer Service if you need assistance determining your past charges and we're happy to help you estimate your charges on a go-forward basis. The system has data from January 1, 2020 forward.

  • Step #2 - You can setup the auto-recharge functionality by logging into your Ytel account at and then going to the Billing > Auto Recharge tab within the Billing section. Here you can specify the funding amount (Recharge Amount) when your account balance hits a specified threshold. Remember, at the very least, your recharge amount should be set to your highest daily expected charges. The first of the month charge is typically a good estimate for your highest daily expected charge because that is when seats fees (in addition to any usage and phone number charges) are applied.

In addition to configuring auto-recharge, you can manually add funds to cover your upcoming charges. We only recommend doing this in conjunction with setting up auto-recharge. 

Let’s get started and configure auto-recharge so your account is ready all the time:

  • Step #1 - Setup low funds notifications
  • Step #2 - Estimate your monthly usage or the amount you plan on having auto recharge and your minimum recharge balance. See Step #1 above.
  • Step #3 - Check your current balance. You can quickly find your balance by visiting the new Admin Dashboard at or by viewing your Account Dashboard
  • Step #4 - Click on Billing > Add Funds and manually add enough funds to get your account current and above your minimum balance.
  • Step #5 - Setup auto-recharge Billing > Auto Recharge

Thank you for following this guide.  If you have any questions or need guidance on setting up auto-recharge, give our support team a call at 800.382.4913 or click on the live chat icon. We are happy to walk you through this process.

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