With the ever changing technology Ytel has moved Simple Dial billing over to app.ytel.com to unify our products. With that said you will now log onto app.ytel.com to make your Simple Dial payments. In this tutorial we will walk though how to set up a payment as well as buying a number. Keep in mind the only thing that has changed is you will make your payments on app.ytel.com and you can now buy numbers for your Caller ID's for your campaigns.

First this we will jump into is adding in payment info. You will want to navigate to app.ytel.com and log in. If you are having trouble logging in click on the having trouble logging in and that will take you into the steps of resetting your password.

Now navigate over to the billing section in the Ytel API tab.

From here click in the Payment Methods tab. Once you are there you will want to click on add new and the billing tab will populate to enter your card info into.


Add in the card information and click Add Card, if the card successfully saves it will take you back to the main payment method screen. You can add multiple cards to the system and choose which one to use for payments. To select the card to use hover over the card and left click on the card. 

To make a payment on the account navigate over to Add funds and then use the drop down to either select a payment or enter a payment amount, use the drop down to select the card to use, then finally enter the CVV code and click Review Payment. 

If you need to change the amount or card click the change button or click I agree to move forward. You will then get the confirmation of the payment. 

To set up auto recharge you will want to click Set Auto Recharge button. 

Click on the card drop down and select the card you want to auto fund from. From here you will want to add threshold and a recharge amount. Best practices would be to set the threshold to 0 and then have it refill the total amount of billing you have. You will need to calculate the taxes and seat costs. So if your seat cost is $139.00 and you have two seats you will want to set the recharge amount to 278 plus the taxes on that. A good idea would be to look at your previous bill and set the recharge to a dollar above that. To disable click the dialable button on the upper right. 

After you have completed these steps hit save and enable and you are set for auto recharge. Keep in mind to check back every once in an while to make sure you have the correct card information on file.

Next we are going to jump into purchasing a number for your Caller Id's.

You will still be in the Ytel api section but you will want to navigate over to Numbers< Purchase numbers. From here you will want to click on the type of number you want and then all the options. In this example we will be buying a number for an Arizona campaign we want to run.

As you can see this now is displaying some numbers for is to get. Use the check mark box on the left hand side to pick the number or numbers you want and then click purchase. It will then take you to the conformation screen.

From here you do not have to worry about the number set and you can click confirm if you agree.

Next you will want to set up the forward number to take them callbacks. To do this navigate over to Assets<XML Editor. Once you are in this section click on create a document. In this section create a file name. Give your file a name as well as a description, in the example below you can see we called it forward. In the body copy and paste the string below and update the *** with the phone number you want the caller id to forward too.
After you are complete it should look like the example below.

Now click update document or save document and this part is complete.

Now Navigate back to XML you will notice your new XML file

Now on this page is where you are going to copy a link by clicking on the Copy Path button. The link is now copied and get ready to post into the number.

Now navigate back to Numbers<Manage Numbers. From here you will click on the number you want to forward. 

Paste the link you just copied into the voice request url and make sure the option on the right is set to post. After this is done click the save button and you are done.

Now if you want to set this caller id on your simple dial system log into the simple dial account, navigate over to the campaigns tab,click on the pencil to modify campaign. Now you will place the new caller id into the campaign and that will be the caller id displayed to the customer you are dialing on.

Important things to keep in mind: 

  • Keep a card on file to quickly add funds to the account and avoid interruptions in service.
  • Update your card on file if the information has changed or you changed cards.
  • Set your threshold to an appropriate amount equal or greater to your average 
  • Make sure to test your number by calling the caller id and make sure it forwards. 
  • Review this article :)

We're here to help - if you need assistance, please contact the Ytel support team at 800.382.4913, email support at support@ytel.com or you can click the live chat button at the bottom right of your screen.

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