In this article, we will be reviewing how to download and install a Softphone to work with Ytel's contact center system. There are several different softphones you can utilize and they all essentially are configured the same way. However, from our experience, it is best to use the "Zoiper Classic" version as this one is free to use.

If you are an agent, then you will need to contact your Manager to obtain the Domain and Password. If you are the manager or Admin on the Ytel account, then you can reach out to Ytel Support to obtain the IP address (Domain) and the Password the agent will need to use.

What's covered in Article:

  • Installing a Softphone

  • Configuring the Softphone

  • Using Ytel Agent Interface with your Softphone

Download and Install Zoiper

Step 1: Download and install Zoiper Soft Phone

Download and install Zoiper. Overall this process should be fairly straightforward. Simply follow the instructions provided when installing the software.

Step 2: Configure the Account

In this step, we will be connecting the softphone to your YCC agent account. In order to do this we will need the following three pieces of information:

  • Agent ID

  • IP Address(domain)

  • Password

The Agent ID is simply the ID you use to log into the YCC agent interface. This is typically a 4 digit ID. The IP Address and Password will need to be obtained from Ytel, If you are an agent please do not reach out to Ytel. Instead, reach out to your manager to obtain this information.

Setup using the Zoiper Setup Wizard

When you first open up the Zoiper program it will take you through a process of setting up the phone.

First, enter your agent ID and the password. Please note this is NOT the same password you use to log into the Agent Portal (see your admin).

Next, enter the IP address your manager provided.

After this, it might ask you to set up some sort of poxy. Simply press the "skip" button when it presents itself to continue through the process. It will also ask you to set up your mic and audio. Please make sure you follow the setups provided.

Once done, you will get to the screen below. As long as you see a "green checkmark", this means you have successfully connected to the system.

Setup Account through Settings

If you already have Zoiper installed or completely skipped the setup wizard, then adding the account is just as easy.

First, open up the Zoiper and press the "gear" icon at the top right to navigate into the "Settings" section. Look for the section that says "Accounts". Then click the "Add" button and enter the Domain, Username, and Password.

Log into your Agent Interface

Once connected to the phone through Zoiper, you will now log into the Agent interface as you normally would. Once logged in, you will see a "connect" button on the right side. Click this button and your Zoiper will ring. Go ahead and answer the call and you will hear an audio file say "You are now connected".

This means you are successfully connected. You can hang up that call on your Zoiper phone.

For customer support, email us at or start a live chat by clicking the icon at the lower right of your screen, we are available M-F 6am-6pm PST

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