This article will detail how to assign ACCIDs to any campaign. Once logged into your admin dashboard you want to navigate to Ytel API

Here you will be able to select the phone numbers you want to map as ACCIDs. Check enable the numbers you want to assign and navigate to the Settings on the right.

In this menu, you are going to select the Campaign and AC-CID Mapping Method

Campaign - Campaign you plan to assign the ACCIDs to.

AC-CID Mapping Method

One Per Area Code: Choose this if you have multiple ACCIDs covering a state. Example: CA - 949, 909, 714, etc. 

One Per State: Choose this if you only have one ACCID covering the state. Example: TX - 469

Final Menu! All we have to do here is confirm the ACCIDs are assigned to the right campaign and save.

Now the ACCIDs are assigned to the selected campaign. Last step is to set the campaign to an assigned ACCID. Navigate to:

Campaigns > Campaign > Modify > Campaign Caller ID 

Complete! Now your ACCIDs are mapped to the campaign and the campaign will dial to the assigned area codes set.

If you are still having trouble, reach out to the Ytel support team at 800-382-4913 option 1 , email support at or you can click the live chat button at the bottom right of your screen.

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