In this article we will be covering how to create a new call time to update on the campaign.

  1. When in Ytel Contact Center Admin

   2. Please go to Admin Utilities > Call Time

  3. Click on "Add Call Time"

  4. Input the "Call Time ID."  This will be the "To" and "From" time (Examples: 8AM - 5PM).
  5. Input the "Campaign Description" (Examples: default 8am to 5pm calling).
  6. Click on "Save."

  7. Find the new call time you just created and click on the paper-pencil icon under "Actions" to get into the settings.

  8. Put the "Default start" and "Default stop" time in military time (Examples: 8am - 5pm in military will be 800 - 1700) and click on "Save."

  9. Please find the campaign you would like to setup the new call time on by going to Campaigns > Campaigns > find the campaign > under "Actions" select the paper-pencil icon to get into the settings.  Under "Dialing Rules" please click the new call time in the drop down window.

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