Want an easy way for prospective customers to learn more about your business while on the go? Want to give people an easy way to subscribe to receive regular updates via SMS? Want to get your phone number into your prospective customers phone so they can contact you when they need you?

SMS keyword campaigns are great at solving these problems and much more (you can even try the one in the picture 👆). Here's how to create one yourself in less than 5 minutes:

1. Setup your account (if you don't have one already)

2. Create your message (or sequence of messages)

3. Create your keyword

  • Click on the number set you created earlier by going to API > Numbers > Number sets. If you forgot the name of the number set you used, then find the phone number(s) you purchased in the manage numbers section and look for the column labeled "Number set name".

  • Click on the "Inbound Keywords" tab within the number set.

  • Add the Keyword you want to use to trigger the workflow/message(s) you created in step 2. Remember, keywords are case-insensitive and require an Exact match to the inbound SMS.

  • Then associate the keyword you just created to the workflow you create in step 2.

That's it! Just be sure to test it yourself to make sure everything is working as you expect and then you'll be good to go!

For customer support, email us at support@ytel.com or start a live chat by clicking the icon at the lower right of your screen, we are available M-F 6am-6pm PST

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