1. Better flow for creating advanced workflows - Prompts the user for basic start node details for creating the workflow before redirecting to the advanced workflow viewer. (@eric, helps solve confusion between "create" vs "save" buttons)

  2. Workflow Validation - Adds validation when saving the workflow to tell users if something is misconfigured. This will save us and our customers a lot of time and frustration when troubleshooting why a workflow isn't working as expected. (@katelyn)

  1. Added paging to the contacts section. Now accounts with tons of contacts with tons of contacts (like All Service Financial) can page past the previous limit of 10k.

  • Page size setting is saved in the browser and will persist when you come back.

2. Fixed issues with Advanced Workflows where changes would get lost if you clicked from one node to the next without saving the changes. @katelyn
3. In inbox, hitting enter now sends an SMS. To add line breaks you can use ctrl-enter. (Same as slack) @nick

Connection and callback UI fixes:

  • Added mask for authorization headers.

  • Added Phone Number to the variable insertion dropdown menu (@alex)

  • Lots of other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Ability to bulk archive contacts from the Contact section:

  • Moved the archive button to bulk options that appear when the checkbox next to a contact is selected. (@katelyn, @ops)

Bulk action for archive on the contacts page: (edited)

, a HUGE shout out to the dev team for all their work on this one. We have a very powerful and highly anticipated feature release today with the introduction of callbacks from within Workflow! This feature opens the door for using workflow in tons of creative ways and integrating Ytel with other platforms.To see it in action go to Workflow -> Callbacks
Step 1: Create a connection - Connections are used for defining an external application
Step 2: Create a callback - Callbacks define the format for sending data.
Step 3: Go into a workflow and add a callback node for your new callback.An example callback that uses the Ytel API to make a phone call from within workflow: (edited

@here, workflow just got a lot cooler with the ability to create MMS templates from within the UI.


  • Add images to templates for use with basic and advanced workflows.

  • Allows you to preview the image

  • Allows you to define variables in the template media url - dynamic images anyone?

Other changes in this release:

  • Usage report now has a dropdown for broadcast users to select if they want to see API or Broadcast usage. (@patrick)

  • Made “advanced” workflows the default setting for new workflows (@katelyn)

  • The selection control for variables now auto-fills as you type - no more scrolling through the entire list for CC customers setting up workflows. (@katelyn)

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