What happens to my account if my available balance reaches zero dollars?

If your available balance reaches $0.00 the account becomes suspended and services cease to work. For example, you will be unable to place or receive phone calls or send SMS messages.

Am I still billed while my account is suspended?

Yes. Ytel will continue to charge for phone numbers you have assigned to your account, along with any other monthly fee(s) you have previously agreed to.

Note: After 60-days, any phone numbers assigned to your account are at risk of being deactivated and reclaimed by Ytel. Once a number has been reclaimed, there is no guarantee that same number can be restored to your account. Any numbers not reclaimed will continue to be billed monthly.

How do I restore my account after it's been suspended?

You may manually add funds to your account by clicking on Settings > Billing > Add Funds. Select the option for One Time Payment and follow the prompts on the screen. Ytel recommends enabling the auto-recharge feature. For more information on Funding Best Practices, please click here.

Where do I see my monthly charges?

Monthly charges can be viewed through Usage Reports. Click on Reporting > Usage and specify the criteria you wish to review. You have the option to export the data to a printable format.

If you require any assistance with your billing, usage or account funding, please contact Customer Service through live chat, emailing support@ytel.com or calling 800-382-4913.

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