This article will cover modifying an existing template for use in Workflow. We will assume you have already created a Workflow and its templates during the workflow creation process.

Navigate to the workflow under the Workflow tab and clicking the relevant Workflows hyperlinked name.

Then we will find the relevant SMS Node within the workflow we wish to change the template for. Take note of the template name that we will be modifying.

Next, we will navigate to the "Templates" section of the page.

Now that we are looking at a list of your templates, find the one we took note of earlier and click the name to modify it.

Then, we will just make whatever adjustments that we need to make. For example, we can add a dynamic variable that will insert a value based on the contacts attribute values.

To add a dynamic variable click where you will want to add the variable in the "Template Content" field and click the "insert variable" button.

Then select from in the variable field an attribute you have filled out on your existing contacts such as "First Name". You will want to set the "Default Value" to something that is generic and would make sense just in case a contact does not have that attribute filled out. I will use 'Buddy' as a default value.

Now we have a new template to be saved and ready to be used.

Click the "Save" button and you are all set! Now if you go back to the workflow and click into the same SMS node you will see the modified template in use.

Congratulations, You are all done modifying an existing template!

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