Workflow Enrollment (Runners) are here!

  • Gives customers the ability to add more than 100 contacts to a workflow.
  • When 10 or more contacts are added, we will schedule them to be added to the workflow at 1 per second. (Customers using the API can control the rate up to 5 per second with no lower limit)
  • Workflow status can be viewed on a new “Enrollment” page in the workflow section.

Added the ability to enroll ALL contacts into a workflow even if the current page size does not display all of the contacts.

  • After enrolling contacts in a workflow or when changing the filters on the contact page we now clear the selected contacts (this should prevent issues where a customer accidentally double enrolls the same contacts in a workflow)
  • Added an option to display 10,000 contacts at a time (was previously 5,000)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with selecting certain start and stop times for timezone protection.
  • Fixed a bug where text area controls in the template and workflow sections were only clickable on the upper left hand corner. Now the entire control is clickable.

Contact Center

Added the Ability to Purchase Toll-Free numbers through the UI

Admins now have the ability to purchase 1 or more toll-free numbers directly through the Admin interface. To purchase a number, simply navigate to the "Ytel API" section within your Contact Center Admin Portal.

Then click on the "purchase" button on the top right corner of your screen and then click on the "Toll-Free" tab within the popup window.

Latency View Added to the Agent Interface and Admin Portal

In order to better assist Admins in monitoring their agents internet connectivity, we have implemented several new tools into the agent interface that actively tracks and agents Latency.

Agents are now able to see their latency and connectivity to Ytel's agent servers. High latency can cause issues with audio quality. This tool can now be utilized to better track their connection rates.

Admin Interface:

Agent Interface:

New Contact Center Report - Transfer Log Report

Have you ever wondered which one of your agents transferred a specific call into an inbound queue? We have added a new report which will provide you with this information.

Simply navigate to the Reports section and click on "Transfer Log Report". Then select the Date range and the inbound queue(s) you wish to see. This report will provide you with the following details:

This report can be found within the Reports section under the "Other" section.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the call count would not always be incremented on outbound calls.
  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements to the Layout of the new User Interface.


  • Fixed a display issue with auto-payments in the UI.
  • Variables in inbox templates are now replaced correctly. This broke when we changed the format of variables and allowed default values
  • Updated the tracking UI to be more consistent with other parts of the Ytel's interface.
  • Fixed an error where the payment id wasn't getting displayed after a successful payment.
  • Added the ability to add the Tracking Platform directly from your interface

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