Workflow Enrollment (Runners) are here!

  • Gives customers the ability to add more than 100 contacts to a workflow.

  • When 10 or more contacts are added, we will schedule them to be added to the workflow at 1 per second. (Customers using the API can control the rate up to 5 per second with no lower limit)

  • Workflow status can be viewed on a new “Enrollment” page in the workflow section.

Added the ability to enroll ALL contacts into a workflow even if the current page size does not display all of the contacts.

  • After enrolling contacts in a workflow or when changing the filters on the contact page we now clear the selected contacts (this should prevent issues where a customer accidentally double enrolls the same contacts in a workflow)

  • Added an option to display 10,000 contacts at a time (was previously 5,000)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with selecting certain start and stop times for timezone protection.

  • Fixed a bug where text area controls in the template and workflow sections were only clickable on the upper left hand corner. Now the entire control is clickable.

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