There are two main options you can do with reports, You can either view reports in the Admin UI or you can download reports in CSV format.

Download Calls reports:
Click on Reports, and then Calls, you will then be presented with this menu below:

When in Contact Center, please navigate to Reports > Calls

A Few Types of Reports:

Call Reports - Allows you to gauge your lead quality, viewing how often the disposition for the leads is a “sale”, “hang-up”, etc, etc. From, here you can see where your best leads are coming from, area codes that may not be as interested. Allowing you to optimize your dialing efforts.

Inbound Report - Shows the Call Hold Time, Drop Time, Answered Time, Hangup reason, Status, Custom Status, Initial Queue position, Agent Stats, and Call Answered Time.

Inbound Report by DID - Allows you to see what DIDs may or may not be working out well. As DIDs are used over and over again, you may see pickup rates decline, Swapping out DIDs is an option.

Download Agents reports:

Click on Reports, and then Agents, you will then be presented with this menu below:

A Few Types of Reports:

Agent Reports - Agent reports allow you to see how your individual agents are doing. Things like “are they going on pause a lot”, how successful are they about converting leads to sales. Who is the best agent? If you have an agent who is really good about converting, maybe you want to increase their priority of getting calls.

Agent Time Detail Report - Find the time that agents were logged in, Clocked in, etc, etc.

Agent Status Detail - Call stats by agent, See how many of their calls were by certain status:

Eg, John Doe, 5 calls, 12% DNC, 2 resolved, 2 sales, 1 pending, 0 bill, 0 bad, 0 TC.

Agent Performance Detail - Shows the stats below. Can be filtered by User Group, Campaign, and/or User.

Team Performance Detail - Similar to the Agent Performance detail, however, stats are by group (support, billing, sales, etc etc)

Single Agent Daily Report- Report on one agent, within a date range.

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