WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) allows users to quickly move a conversation from text to voice calls and allows users to manual dial their customers.

It is important to note that a single phone number will be assigned to each user through the Account Settings section. To get to this are you will navigate to Settings and then User. If this is your first time creating a user, check out this article. Once you are in the user section, you will click onto the name of the user you want to edit. In that section you will see the web-phone setting where you can select from one of your Ytel owned numbers. Once you have assigned a number to a user it can only be utilize for the WebRTC platform for inbound calls and can only be assigned to one user at a time. Before you select a number, make sure you are not using that number in the Tracking feature or have a custom inbound url assigned. If you do, that inbound XML will be ignored and all calls will go to the WebRTC phone.

Once you have your users set up with their numbers you will need to show them how to turn their web-phone on. To enable the webphone they will open their Profile section in the bottom left hand corner on their dashboard and then switch the toggle to Online. At that point all inbound call for that users number will be directed to be answered in the browser. If for any reason you have multiple people logged into one user, the last log-in will receive the inbound call to their browser.

Once your numbers are assigned to users and the users web-phone is turned on, then you can navigate to two places to make an outbound call to your customers. The first place you can see the ability for a click to call is in the Inbox. On the right hand contact area of an inbox message you will see a phone. Once you click that phone you will start and outbound call to that contact.

Once the phone is open the phone can be minimized, but will remain open until the end of the call. After the call has been placed a user could place a different outbound dial or close the web phone to contact another customer.

The other place you can click to call a contact is located in the contacts section. From this area you will also select and click on the Call phone icon to start a call to a contact.

On the WebRTC phone there are a number of feature to help you while you are on a call. The first is the minimize window option. This option located in the top right will allow you to take the phone from the right side navigation down to a small window footprint at the bottom of the screen.

The dial pad on the phone can be toggled between the dial pad and the notes section. If you are typing in notes during the call, they will be saved at the end of the call and place onto the contact record under the notes attribute.

On the bottom of the WebRTC phone is the ability to mute a call, place a call on hold and handout or place an outbound call.

This web-phone is an easy way for your employees to make a manual-dial out to customers or move a conversation from text to a phone call. If you have any questions about this web-phone, please reach out to our support team through intercom or email support@ytel.com

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