Your brand's reputation is important and your phone numbers are an extension of that brand. It is important to give your customers the best experience you can with each inbound and outbound call and text message. There are a number of ways to present the best experience:

In this article we will cover how to turn on the Number Reputation feature and begin monitoring your phone numbers presentation on customers phone.

To enable the Number Reputation feature, navigate to the Feature section on the left hand navigation and select Number Reputation. You will see your monthly rate for turning on the feature as well as the charge price per number for each time you re-check your numbers.

Once you enable the Number Reputation feature, you will be able to see the current reputation of your phone numbers (where applicable).

When you want to check your phone numbers updated number reputation status, select the phone number(s) you want to check from the Number Management section. Pro Tip: This can be done in both the Ytel API number management section as well as the Contact Center API number management section.

Click the 'Check Reputation' button to check the selected numbers. You will see a confirmation message to confirm your selection. Please input the word 'CONFIRM' into the box and click on 'Check'

The next page will display a confirmation that your request has been submitted.

Update March 25, 2022: Results are not instant. On average, you can expect 2-4 business hours for results to be displayed to your account.

Note: Ytel has recently invested significant resources into upgrading and improving this tool. On our roadmap is the ability to view, by Carrier, how your number appears on a standard handset. Keep checking this article for updates!

Note: All numbers available for purchase through Ytel have been rested for a period of time - on average no less than 90-days.

We're here to help - if you need assistance, please contact the Ytel support team via email at or you can click the live chat button at the bottom right of your screen.

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