Verified Sender Toll-Free US and Canada

US base carriers have asked customer to registered for Toll-free sms traffic through Verified Sender by September 2022.

To request verification of a toll-free number, complete and submit the Verified Sender form inside of the product under your Business Profile. If you are logged in you can also click here.

The Verified Sender Toll-Free process reduces the amount of SMS traffic that is flagged for spam by announcing the use case of the brand to carrier networks.

Ytel does not guarantee that having a verified number will stop traffic from being blocked, however, this does help support your brand.

Requesting a Verified Sender for a Toll-Free phone number

  • A verified toll-free number will be verified to the company/brand who is sending content on that number. So, if Company X is sending messages for Brand Y then Brand Y is the one who will need to be certified on the number.

  • Only 1 toll-free number can be verified to a brand.

  • Toll-free numbers go by the CTIA and CWTA handbook rules (Dedicated short code).

  • All Toll-Free messaging in Canada goes through this process.

What does verified and unverified mean?

A Verified number simply means that the traffic does not fall into our Disallowed Content Policy and we are able to confirm that this traffic is in line with our Best Practices for sending content. It also means that we are now associating this number with the business submitted through the process.

An unverified number is a number that has not gone through verification. Unverified numbers will have less privileges on the carrier network. They can continue to send messages, but the amount of filters that need to run on this traffic is increased. Unverified traffic is subject to volume limits in addition to filters.


• Increase deliverability and predictability on the Ytel Network
• Reduction in False Positives
• Reassurance your number does not get blacklisted automatically
• Increase carrier visibility
• Automatic false positive reviews when detected
• Increase protection for your brand

Best Practices

All programs in the US and CA should have the program name or brand name in every message that goes out.

Restricted Campaigns for all US Numbers

All US Numbers traffic adheres to the CTIA guidelines. For more information please see CTIA Handbook.

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