Access your user settings by clicking on the 'Gear' icon and selecting the appropriate option.

Media Settings

Allows you to specify which device(s) to use for audio and/or video.


Allows you to adjust how the various Notifications are presented/received.

Call Forwarding

Allows you to configure where to forward calls when specific criteria is met.

  • Unconditional: forward all calls

  • No Answer: forward only when you don't answer on your extension

  • Busy: forward only when your extension is busy

When No Forwarding is Active - all lines are blank and the toggle is greyed out

To adjust, input the 10-digit number to the appropriate choice, slide the toggle to blue, and click Save. The save button will then turn grey and the settings are updated.


A listing of currently connected integrations.


A listing of current connections.


Choose the language for the display (Currently English, French)


Choose the country where you reside

Keyboard Shortcuts

The ability to enable/disable and configure keyboard hotkeys & shortcuts

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