The User Management area allows you to Add, Delete, and Edit user settings.


  • Click 'Users' to display a list of current user accounts

  • Click into the User to display a submenu of configurable options

    • User - Subscription and Personal Information

    • Account - Authentication and Email Address

    • Voice Services - Custom music on hold, DTMF Services, CallerID configuration

    • Forwards - Call Forwarding settings, Default behavior settings

    • Recording - Call Recording controls for the user

    • Lines - Control the Subscription for the individual user. Configure the lines available for the user.

    • Ring Groups - Assign the user to one or more Ring Groups

    • Phone Keys - Assign templates to the user's hard phone

    • Schedule - Assign specific business hours to the user

    • Voicemail - Assign a specific voicemail box to the user

    • Call Permissions - Assign a permission profile to the user


  • Displays a listing of assigned lines.

    • Clicking into an individual line presents additional options. None of these values should be modified or deleted unless per specific instruction from Ytel Customer Support.


  • Displays a list of all Devices (aka physical phones or hard phones)

  • Use this page to add a new Device, prior to connecting the device and completing the provisioning process.

    • Input the MAC address of the device

    • Provide a description

    • Click 'Create'

Ring Groups

  • Allows you to Create and Edit your Ring Groups

  • Ring Groups allow you to easily assign 1 or more Users to a reachable destination - Eg. Customer Support - and allows you to control how calls are distributed, along with other basic settings.

  • Click into the individual group to gain access to additional configuration options.


  • Allows you to Create and Edit User voicemails

  • Click into the individual Voicemail box to edit settings

Phone Keys Templates

  • Allows you to Create and Edit phone key templates for physical phones

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