To access Ring Groups, click on User Management > Ring Groups

Create New Ring Group

  • Click Create

  • Assign a Label (name) to your Ring Group and select the appropriate extension

    • Click Users

  • Input the User name(s) and select the box next to their name

      • In 99.9% of all use cases, 'Users' is what you will use

    • Click Extensions (if applicable)

  • Input any applicable extensions

    • Caution: When using 'Extensions' this configuration is not applicable to most customer use cases

  • Click the blue 'Create' button

Congratulations! You've created a Ring Group! Now, on to the specific configurations...

Edit an existing Ring Group

  • To Edit an existing Ring Group, hover over the group and click the name

    • You are presented with several choices:

    • General > Customization allows you to configure the Ring Strategy

      • Ring All, Least Recent, Random, Linear, Weighted Random, Fewest Calls, and Memorized Round Robin

    • Users allows you to assign or un-assign Users to the Ring Group

    • Extensions allows you to configure alternate answering destinations. This should rarely, if ever, be used.

    • Fallbacks allow you to configure a call redirection in the event no one answers the call. For example, you can send the call to a different Ring Group or to a Voicemail.

    • Schedule allows you to specify when to Open or Close the Ring Group

      • You can only choose from Scheduled you have previously created

    • Call Permissions allow you to select and apply certain rules to calls.

      • You can only choose from Rules you have previously created.

Delete an existing Ring Group

  • To Delete an existing Ring Group, hover over the group and select the Trash icon

  • When prompted, click 'Confirm'

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