Schedules are one of the most important components in the system. Schedules are used to specify your normal hours of operation. They are used to control when Ring Groups are accessible. They are used to specify your holiday hours. In other words, they control when your phones ring!

Without a schedule, the default is "open 24/7/365"

How to access Schedules

To create or edit Schedules, click on Call Management > Schedules

Create a Schedule

To create a schedule, click the blue Create button

  • Give the schedule a name

    • Eg. "Business Hours" or "Support Ring Group"

  • Specify the Time Zone. In most cases, this is your local time zone

  • Assign a Destination

    • Popular choices are Ring Group, Voicemail, Queue, and User

  • Click 'Create'

Congratulations! You've created a Schedule! The next step is to edit the schedule and apply specific settings.

Edit a Schedule

  • Open the Schedules page, locate the specific Schedule, then click on the name.

    • The General tab allows you to edit the Name, Timezone, and Destination

    • The Open Periods tab allows you to specify the open hours of operation. In addition, you can control the specific Weekdays, Days of Month, or Months of operation.

    • The Exceptional Periods tab allows you to create exceptions to the rules.

      • For example, if your business is open Monday - Friday, and you want to create an exception for New Years Day, you would specify "Days of Month = 1" and "Months = January", along with the hours of the time period exception. Don't forget the Destination!

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