This article will cover the step-by-step process for submitting your Brand and Campaign for A2P 10DLC Registration within the Ytel Portal Interface so you can begin sending SMS.

First, you will need to have an Ytel account. You can create one here.
Next, login @ and follow these steps:

Step 1. Navigate to Settings > Business Profiles

Step 2. Click "Create Brand Registry". You will typically only need to complete this step once.

Step 3. Complete all required fields and submit the form.

  • Please note the Authorized Representative field - Support Email and Support Phone Number will be used for the HELP keyword response to direct end-users to your company's support team for assistance. This must not be a voicemail box and must allow the end-user to connect to a live human.

Step 4. You will now notice you have a "BrandID" in your 'Business Profiles' page. It will initially be in a 'PENDING' status until the verification process has been completed.

Step 5. Once your Brands status is VETTED_VERIFIED you are good to start the next step.

  • If you receive an "UNVERIFIED" status, this means one or more pieces of information is unable to be verified. Eg. Legal Company Name or TaxID/EIN. You will need to submit a new Brand Registry application.

Step 6. Click the "Campaign Registry" tab

Step 7. Click the "Create Campaign Registry" Button

Step 8. Complete all required fields and submit the form.

  • Important: Be sure to select all appropriate campaign attributes.

Step 9. Add "" to your approved email list / e-mail spam filter. We will contact you through our ticketing system (to the primary email address on file) and will guide you through the process of enabling and registering your phone numbers for the specific Brand and Campaign(s).

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