On Friday August 19, 2022, US Telecom published a list of Analytics Engines and the major Carriers within the US. The purpose of the list is to provide businesses with direct points of contact to utilize when their business telephone numbers have been incorrectly labeled as spam/scam.

The Ytel R.M.R. Formula: Register, Monitor, Remediate

Step 1: Register your numbers with the Analytics Engines. We recommend using Free Caller Registry as they automatically update the 3 engines used by the 3 major wireless providers.

Step 2: Monitor your numbers by utilizing our Number Reputation service.

Step 3: Remediate your numbers by contacting the carrier(s) directly.

We've republished the US Telecom website in full - we will make updates to this article as the site is changed by US Telecom.

Providers and their analytics partners have established mechanisms for callers to seek redress to fix any inadvertent call labeling or blocking concerns, as well as to register their numbers in the first instance.

Register Numbers with Analytics Engines

Call Labels: “Fraudulent Call” or CNAM prepend of “Spam?” or “Robo?”
Contact: robocallmitigation@alticeusa.com

Call Labels: “Spam Risk” or “Fraud Risk”
Contact: www.att.com/reviewmycalllabel

Big River
Contact: 855-244-7483

Comcast’s Xfinity Voice Service
Call Labels: “Blocked – High Spam Risk” or CNAM prepend of “Spam?”
Contact: www.xfinity.com/support/articles/report-call-blocking-errors or 844-963-0215

C Spire/TNS
Call Label: “Potential Spam”
Contact: askus@cspire.com and communications@tnsi.com

Call Labels: “Fraudulent Call” or CNAM prepend of “Spam?”:
Contact: www.fidelitycommunications.com/phone/robocallmitigation/correctionform

Call Label: “Robocaller”
Contact: nospam@ftr.com or www.nomorobo.com/contact and choose “Report a number”

Call Label: “Robocaller”
Contact: www.nomorobo.com/contact and choose “Report a number”

Contact: robocalling@midco.com

Contact: inquiries@robokiller.com

Call Label: “Spam Likely”
Contact: https://reportspam.spectrum.com/charter/

Call Label: “Fraudulent Call”
Contact: support@telzio.com or 888-998-9080

T-Mobile/First Orion
Call Label: “Scam Likely”
Contact: https://callreporting.t-mobile.com/

Call Label: “Spam”
Contact: support@truecaller.com

US Cellular/TNS
Call Label: “Potential Spam”
Contact: communications@tnsi.com

Call Label: “Potential Spam”
Contact: www.voicespamfeedback.com or communications@tnsi.com

Call Label: “Fraudulent Call” or CNAM prepend of “Spam?”
Contact: WINDSTREAM.NetworkAbuse@windstream.com

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