Sending text messages to a contact's handset requires your attention to a couple of extremely important items:

  1. Opt-In: Permission of the recipient to be contacted

  2. DNC / Opt-Out: Respecting their request for no further contact

The goal is obviously to send wanted messaging. However, in the event a contact chooses to opt-out of receiving messages from your messaging program there are system safeguards in place to protect against sending unwanted messaging to a contact who has expressed a request for no further contact. In addition, the system contains an automated process enabling contacts to opt themselves out of receiving messaging from your account.

Default DNC Opt-Out Keywords

The Ytel platform recognizes 5 standard opt-out keywords:


If a contact’s handset responds to (or sends a message to) your number(s) with one of those 5 keywords, the system will send a single auto-response confirmation message, will place the contact’s number on an internal DNC list, and will disallow any future outbound messages to be sent to the contact’s handset from your individual account.

Note: The keyword must be the only word in the inbound message. (Ie. 'STOP')

Note: The default DNC opt-out functionality is per unique account ID.

In addition, the platform allows for custom keywords to be created.

Adding Custom DNC Keywords

In the Compliance section of the platform there is a area labeled Opt-out Words where you can add additional words to your system that contacts may use to Opt-out of messaging. The most common use case for custom DNC keywords are for alternate spellings of the default keywords. (Eg. STRT instead of start)

There are no limitations to custom DNC keywords and we encourage you to be creative, colorful, and thoughtful with the additional words you elect to use.

Default Auto Replies

When a contact sends in one of the below keywords, the system will return a default response.


  • <<A customized message containing specific contact information for your organization - typically your Customer Service information>>


  • “NETWORK MSG: You replied with the word “stop” which blocks all texts sent from this number. Text back “unstop” to receive messages again

  • “Your number has been added to the stop list.”


  • “NETWORK MSG: You have replied “unstop” and will begin receiving messages again from this number.”


  • “NETWORK MSG: You have replied “start” and will begin receiving messages again from this number.”


  • “Your number has been added to the stop list.”

DNC Webhooks

In the event you need to post out to an external system upon each Opt-out message from a contact, under Compliance there is a section called Settings where a Webhook can be added. A payload (via Json or GET) of data will be posted to the webhook destination on each Opt-out message received.

Example Payload:



In the event you choose to add numbers to your DNC (aka Opt-out list) programmatically, the system accepts API calls. Please see our Add DNC api documentation for more information.

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