How to get great support from Ytel

Welcome to the Ytel family.  My name is Eric and I am the Director of Customer Support. Our number one goal is to provide you with outstanding support.  Below are our guidelines to do just that.  This is a living document followed by our Smart Support Support Staff & Engineers.  


Contacting Us

  1. E-mail a Support Ticket:
  2. Call : 800.382.4913 - Option #1
  3. Login to and click support to open a ticket
  4. Live Chat through the products

Business Hours

  1. Monday through Friday 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific
  2. Saturday 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM Pacific
  3. Sunday - Afterhours emergency support only

24x7 After Hours Support

  1. We happily provide emergency support to customers that are experiencing a major outage. 
  2. Outages do not include system configuration requests, training, microphone/sound, coaching, software installation, software development, reporting etc.
    1. Open a support ticket with the word 'emergency' in the body -

Single point of contact

  1. It is very important we have a single point of contact at your company to work with. 
  2. We use your email address to lookup information.  Please use your primary company e-mail address when contacting support.

All about tickets

  1. Tickets are very useful to us.  They help our team cut through clutter so we can provide you with fast, accurate support.
  2. Anytime you call, e-mail, or communicate with us in any way our team will open a ticket.
  3. When you receive an e-mail with a ticket update it's important you do not change the subject line.  We use special codes in the subject line so that your e-mail replies can be automatically appended to your active ticket number
  4. Tickets can get confusing, especially if you have more than 1 open.  To view all of your tickets we recommend logging into
  5. Please open one ticket per matter.  For example, if you are unable to upload data open a ticket.  If you have more questions about uploading data you can simply reply to that same ticket.  However if you need help configuring your system to send text messages please open a new ticket.
  6. You may view all of your tickets and their statuses in your My.ytel
  7. When you call or e-mail us our support agents will ask you to confirm your identity.  Please have your company name, e-mail, and companyID ready.

Ticket Statuses

  1. New : your ticket is created and awaiting a ytel smart support engineer
  2. Open : your ticket is open and we are looking into the issue.  During this process we will be going back and forth with you to collect information. 
  3. Pending : Ytel has either completed the task or needs more information from you.  If we don't hear from you we will attempt to contact you (5) times.   If we are unable to reach you we will mark your ticket as solved.
  4. Solved : Your matter has been solved.  If you feel the matter is not resolved you can reply within 3 days to re-open the ticket.
  5. Closed : The ticket is finalized and closed.  Closed tickets cannot be re-opened.   However if you reply to a closed ticket via e-mail we will automatically open a NEW follow-up ticket and reference your previous ticket.  NEW tickets will go through our escalation chains.


  1. New Years Day - 8AM to 12PM Pacific
  2. Memorial Day - 8AM to 12PM Pacific
  3. Independence Day - 8AM to 12PM Pacific
  4. Labor Day - 8AM to 12PM Pacific
  5. Thanksgiving - CLOSED
  6. Day After Thanksgiving - 8AM to 12PM Pacific
  7. Christmas Eve - 8AM to 12PM Pacific
  8. Christmas Day - CLOSED
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    I just want to say thank you so much for crediting my account. That one solved request saved me a lot and I appreciate that so much. Ill call you tomorrow.


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    David Musiker

    James, Im having a couple of issues with the ytel platform. It started calling numbers that were from older lists. After i deleted the older lists we still were getting the old list calls after a long time. Also the number of records indicated other lists were there that we didnt have in the list to begin with.
    The other issue is we are continually getting answering services even after i played with the , queues, dial speed and still same problem. Its sometimes is on dial speed of 2 and gets a call in a fraction of a second.
    David Musiker
    Vehicle Protection USA