System List and Lead Limitations

System Lead and List Limitations

< 2 Million Leads

It is important to note that the system runs optimal when there is less than 2 million leads total in the database. Remember Ytel Cloud Contact Center is not a lead storage bank where leads are stored indefinitely. This can lead to an ever increasing database size and will lead to problems at some undetermined time. The reason to have a trim database with under 2 million records is the system relies heavily on the database for everyday instant operation and when certain tables hit maximum threshold it can slow down the database response, creating real time problems for Call Center operations. 


< 150 Lists

The next important limitation is to have less than 150 lists total in the system at any one time. This includes both Active and Inactive lists. The reason for this is there are certain pages and operations that run queries for each list and when their are over 150 lists the number of queries running at that specific moment can reach a maximum threshold and can slow down the system operation.


< 100,000 leads in a list

The last important limitation is having less than 100,000 leads in any single list. Again there are certain queries that run on a list and if the number of records in the list is under 100,000 the query(s) will be more efficient. Also, when exporting data out of the list, you typically wont be able to export and download a record count above 100,000 due to webserver limitations. Last, there are certain reports that will run better when lists are under this threshold. Therefore, it is important to keep lists under this threshold.


If you are already above any of these thresholds please contact Ytel Support and we will be able to assist you with some data management options. Options may include, removing unused lists, removing old data, removing the number of lists, combining lists, consulting on an external archive database, etc.


Again the limitations suggested for optimal data management are:

  • Have less than 2 million leads TOTAL in system
  • Have less than 150 lists TOTAL in system
  • Have less than 100,000 records in a single list
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