How to login to your Agent Interface

This Article provides you with the instructions you need to login to your X5 Agent Interface.


Step 1: Get your Login information from your Admin! Ytel will not be able to provide you this information.

Step 2: Go to the Webaddress that your Admin has provided you EX:

You will be presented with this login screen.


Step 4: Type in the login information that your Admin provided you in "Step 1". Click on "Get Campaign"



Step 5: Select the Campaign that your Admin wants you to login.




Step 6: Click on "Sign in"



You will then be presented with "Building Interface Just For You" and within a few seconds the Agent Interface will appear.



If you are presented with the picture above then you are now logged into the Agent Interface.

For any questions or concerns you can reach us at 800-382-4913 or by Emailing us at

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