Monitoring Agent Calls

This Article provides instructions on how to Monitor from the X5 Admin Interface.


Monitor: Listen to agent calls only, no speaking with customer or agent

Barge:   Listen with the ability to talk to customer and agent


Monitor and Barge only work on agents that are in a call.

Here is a Short Video showing everything you need to know about monitoring calls from the admin side.

Click Here

Note: You will need to have the Webphone already installed. If you do not have that installed please see link below. You must also have a mic connected regardless of whether you are using barge or not.


Step 1: Go to Dashboard



Step 2: Select Monitor or Barge from the Drop Down.

             Enter 90 in the Phone section and hit enter.






Step 3: Click on Listen or Barge then select OK.





You should now be able to listen to the call!


If you have any further questions please give our support team a call at 800-382-4913 or email us at

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