How To Add An Inbound Queue

On the X5 Admin, inbound queues can be found within the following: Inbound > Inbound Queues. (If you see Inbound Queue Listing to the right, then you have made the appropriate selection).

There are 2 ways to create an inbound queue/inbound group: via the Add New Inbound Group button or the Clone Inbound Group icon (indicated by 3 different sizes of circles, 2 of which overlap one-another).

When creating a completely brand new inbound queue/group, choose Add New Inbound Group. You will then need to complete the following:

  • Group ID - This is the short name of an inbound group. It must be between 2-20 characters.

  • Group Name - This is the title of the inbound group. It must be between 2-30 characters.

  • Group Color - This is the color that display in the agent client app when a call comes in on this group. It must be between 2-7 characters long. (If this is a hex color definition, you must remember to put a # at the beginning of the string).
  • Active - Choose from On or Off. This determines whether this inbound group is available to take calls.

  • Admin User Group - This is the administrative user group. This allows admin viewing of this in-group restricted by user group.

  • Web Form - This is the custom address that clicking on the WEB FORM button in the agent screen will take you for calls that come in on this group.

  • Voicemail - If Drop Action is set to VOICEMAIL, the call DROP would instead be directed to this voicemail box to hear and leave a message.

  • Next Agent Call - This determines which agent receives the next call that is available.
  • Fronter Display - Choose from On or Off. This field determines whether the inbound agent would have the fronter name.
  • Script - This menu allows you to choose the script that will appear on the agents' screens for this campaign. 

  • Get Call Launch - This menu allows you to choose whether you want to auto-launch the web-form page in a separate window.

Once everything is completed, choose Save.


If there is another inbound group that you will want to copy the settings from, then Clone Inbound Group would be the best option. When selecting this option, please be advised that it's a 2-step process.

  • For the 1st screen, complete the following:

    • From Inbound Group ID - Choose from the drop-down list the available listed IDs. (Your new Inbound Group ID will be cloned from this ID).

    • New Inbound Group ID - This is the short name of an inbound group. It must be between 2-20 characters.

    When done, choose Next.

  • For the 2nd screen, confirm your entries from the previous screen:

    When done, choose Start Cloning.

You should be redirected to a confirmation window reflecting a successful inbound group creation. If so, choose OK. If not, go back to step 1 and adjust accordingly.

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