How To Add An Inbound Queue To A Campaign

Please make sure you already have an Inbound Queue already set up within the X5 Admin. If not, then please check the "How To Add An Inbound Queue" article on how to create inbound queues/groups. Also, if the appropriate campaign has not been created yet, then please view the "How To Create A Campaign" article on the options in creating a campaign.

To associate an inbound queue to a campaign, go to CampaignsCampaign. This is where you'll see the Campaigns Listing box, and within the box is a Modify column (which is located to the right). In Modify, you only have 2 options: Edit (which is indicated by a "pencil icon within a square") and Delete (which is indicated by a red icon). Choose Edit within the desired campaign.

Each campaign is broken down into sections. Scroll towards the end of the page, and this is where you'll see Inbound and Transfer Queues. The first selection is titled Allowed Inbound Group. (Please note that the In Group IDs are what's listed). Once the inbound group ID(s) is/are added, choose Save (which is located at the top-right of the page).

Once successfully associated, you can verify the inbound queue attached to the campaign by doing the following:

On the X5 Admin, inbound queues can be found within the following: Inbound > Inbound Queues. (If you see Inbound Queue Listing to the right, then you have made the appropriate selection).

In the Inbound Queue Listing box, there are several columns listed for each inbound group. Locate the Campaign section and select the bulls-eye looking icon.

If the campaign is listed, then you verified the inbound queue associated successfully. From there, you can modify settings to the campaign.

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