How To Make a Number Forward To Another Number

Numbers (also known as DIDs) have the ability to be routed to different functions within the X5 Admin (besides the typical AGENT and PHONE functionality).

In this article, we will focus how to make a number forward to another number.

Go to Inbound > Numbers. The appropriate response would be a Numbers Listing box (located to the right).

The Numbers Listing box is broken into sections. The first column lists all available DID Number(s). Coming from the appropriate entry, choose Modify (which is located to the right).

In the DID Route section, choose EXTEN (for extension), and in the Extension field below, enter "91"+10 digit number). 91 is what's set up for outbound dialing, and because the DID needs to forward to a different number, this is what will need to be inputted to complete the action.

When completed, choose Save.

Make sure that the DID Number is set to Active or the desired action will not work. Test to make sure. If still unsuccessful, redo process. Also, if you need any additional assistance, feel free to contact Ytel Support (via email, phone, or by My.Ytel portal).


Besides that, there is also the ability to set up number forwarding within an inbound queue (under the No Agents No Queueing option).

***Please note that in the screenshot above, the DID Route must be set to IN_GROUP, and in the Inbound Queues section is where the adjustment will need to be made in regards to No Agents No Queueing.

To set forwarding within inbound queues, go to the following:

  • Inbound > Inbound Queues
  • With the Inbound Queue Listing window (located to the right), locate the appropriate in-group and choose Modify.

  • Scroll halfway down, and in the No Agents No Queueing section, complete the following:
    • No Agents No Queueing - Set to "Y" for yes. (If this field is set to Y or NO_PAUSED then no calls will be put into the queue for this in-group).
    • No Agent No Queue Action - Set to EXTENSION
    • Extension - Enter either a 4-digit extension, or a 10-digit number starting with "91" in the prefix for all outbound calls.

  • When completed choose SAVE.
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