How To Add a Number To a "Call Menu," "Inbound Queue," "Voicemail," "Extension"

Numbers (also known as DIDs) have the ability to be routed to different functions within the X5 Admin (besides the typical AGENT and PHONE functionality).

In this article, we will focus on how to add a number to the following routes:

  • Call Menu (CALLMENU)
  • Inbound Queue (IN_GROUP)
  • Voicemail (VOICEMAIL)
  • Extension (EXTEN)

To apply the desired route/action, go to the following: Inbound > Numbers. The appropriate response would be a Numbers Listing box (located to the right).

***Please note that Numbers come from what was ordered/ported over. Numbers come in the form of toll-free (800/888/866/855/etc.) as well as local. If you do not see any DIDs listed, please contact your Account Manager (or support) to port over any existing number(s) you may want, or go to the My.Ytel portal to order new numbers.

The Numbers Listing box is broken into sections. The first column lists all available DID Number(s). Coming from the appropriate entry, choose Modify (which is located to the right).

Coming from the action of modifyingnumber, you have the ability to associate the following:

  • DID Description (This is the description of the DID routing entry).
  • Active (This is the field where you set the DID entry to active or not. Default is set to On).
  • DID Route (This is the type of route that you set the DID to use).
  • In-Group ID (If IN_GROUP is selected as the DID Route, then this is the In-Group that calls will be sent to).
  • In-Group Call Handle Method (If IN_GROUP is selected as the DID Route, then this is the call handling method for these calls).
  • In-Group List ID (If IN_GROUP is selected as the DID Route, then this is the List ID that leads may be searched through and that leads will be inserted to if necessary).
  • In-Group Campaign ID (If IN_GROUP is selected as the DID Route, then this is the Campaign ID that leads may be searched for in if the call handle method is CIDLOOKUPRC).
  • Filter Inbound Number (This option, if enabled, allows you to filter calls coming into this DID and send them to an alternative action if they match a phone number).

The main focus here is the DID Route because this is what action will be applied when anyone gets connected to the affected number. If a Call Menu has been created, then choose CALLMENU in the drop-down. If an Inbound Queue has been set up, then choose IN_GROUP (and continue with the extra settings below, if applicable). If a Voicemail message has been set up, then choose VOICEMAIL. If there's an Extension the call should be routed to, then choose EXTEN.

Once completed, choose Save (which is located to the top-right).

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