DNC AGI Script

In the X5 Admin, if you decide to utilize an AGI script for customers not interested or requesting to opt-out within your call menu, the information below should help in clarifying the parameters.

The following are the script details in the beginning of an AGI script:

# Flag Options:
# 1 - run as DNC status or NI status (Default=NI)
# 2 - default to insert into the vicidial_dnc table for DNC selections (Default=Yes)
# 3 - campaign to take dnc settings from(overrides option 2)
# 4 - call menu option to send the call to after executing (Default=B)
# 5 - if option 3 is used, search for lead in campaign lists or whole system (CAMP or SYS) (Default=SYS)
# example of what to put in the AGI entry for a Call Menu AGI route:
# cm_dnc.agi,DNC---YES---TESTCAMP---B---CAMP

For example, if you want to set up option "3" within a call menu for a customer to opt-out, try the following within your Call Menu (Inbound > Call Menu > Call Menu options):


*Please note that (CAMPAIGNID) is the actual ID of the campaign you want to use.

The delimiter used is ---. Therefore, be careful with the -- delimiter.

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